GR - T.D.M summary



The Greek movement of the true Democracy is one of the few or perhaps the only truly revolutionary, as the aim is to change the political system and not compromise or conciliation with it.

Democracy is a regime that applied completely for only 139 years, in a wide time period of about 7,000 years of - until now - known historical human civilization as was opposed vehemently by the few (Oligarchy - Monarchy) and the dark forces, which always dominated peoples.

Certainly Democracy is not the perfect constitution, and man has not been able to touch the divine infallible, but it is the best political system ever implemented!


1) Our main goal is the abolition of the Parliamentary Oligarchy / party politics / cleptocracy (state of thieves), and conversion of government to real democracy, based on the reforms of Cleisthenes, Ephialtes of Sofonidou and Archestratus at 5th century B.C.

To achieve this we must meet the basic principles of genuine democracy, which is,

a)Delete of political parties through constitutional review, b) Accountability of officials, c) the clear distinction of powers by direct popular participation, d) Draw citizens in the parliament and control panels, e) Periodicity in the majority of mandates of respective officials, f) clear ethnocentric orientation of the democratic state, g) Reduction of political rights only to native Greek and true democrats, h) a new powerful and inviolability revised Constitution.

This means an end to political parties, the  end of the impunity of corrupt politicians, the end of professional liars politicians, the end of the propaganda media, the end of ‘banksters’, the end of unemployment, an end to poverty ...

There are money --- enough to get them from thieves and to distribute to the Greek people.

There are prisons --- enough to close within the corrupt thieves, rogues and traitors.

There are worthy and wise Greeks  --- enough to find them and convince them to participate in T.D.M. and to govern the country in the future.

There are true Greek patriots --- enough to rally under the law and almost complete democratic framework that recommend them.


2) Our Vision

We wish Greece and envision a strong and independent, legitimate and creative, productive and functional, a Greece of freedom and prosperity, wisdom and knowledge !

A Greece in which there will be no 'left' and 'right-wing' parties and clippings, but only a majority conscious Greeks Democrats!

A Greece that is productive, creative, artistic, cultural, collaborative, technological, competitive, scientific, philosophical ... Homer, classical, Alexandrian, Imperial, Eastern Roman, Christian ... a real Greek Greece, a real ELLAS!!!


3) But you can you be a member of T.D.M ?

Look at your inner 'mirror' and ask yourself.

You are selfless and true patriot, for freedom, for the law, for social development, in favor of legality, in favor of the Triune God ?

If you possessed by these values ​​and follow our democracy lows, then we accept you as an equal member of the movement of True Democracy !


4) Your main goal as a member of T.D.M.

Your primary goal should be the creation of your quarter, that a small group of friends, acquaintances and relatives who have the same values ​​as you.

This team may initially consist of 5 to 10 people, but soon will be increased multiplier effect as each member should add new members, and new members will also have to do likewise, so sooner or later, but with mathematically, the District will either converted directly to the Community, either merged with other districts in order to create a new Community.

Think the same time that you try to create your district, too many other Greeks around the world create their own district or the Community.

Already created the 1 st municipality !

The strength in unity !!!


5) What 'leaders will follow, who are the' forefront ' ?

Tired to follow various leaders and puppets ?

Being submissive, slave ... looking for terrestrial 'saviors'?

To us, however, when the time comes the worthy will be elected on the basis of the will, skills and knowledge. You can be one of them.

Like to but has no one leader (ruler) can not escape from the boxes and lows of Democracy.

For all the early ACCOUNTABILITY will apply ISONOMIA (equal against the low), ISIGORIA (equal to speak and make propositions), ISOPOLITEIA (equal against the state) ...



The political revolution of the Greeks have started !!!

You will remain a spectator ?